#HackNatural: 50 Days Until NatchCom! Other Digital News Worth a Scroll & Click

by NatchCom AdminSep 03, 2019
#HackNatural: 50 Days Until NatchCom! Other Digital News Worth a Scroll & Click

Fellow natural product makers, lovers and techies, we are anxiously counting down the days until NatchCom! We've got a couple important updates on the event and all the weekly news needed to keep you in-the-know on all thing natural+digital.


  • It's officially 50 DAYS until NatchCom! Make sure to get your tickets!

  • NatchCom weekend is a busy weekend here in Boulder, CO. Hotels are filling up quickly, so be sure to check our website for hotel recommendations and get booking!

  • We announced our first round of guest speakers on Monday, and continue to add more daily. Watch our social channels for udpates and other announcements!


Snapchat expands Shoppable AR to its top creators - Digiday
ECommerce is leading social media. Social platforms are competing to discover new ways for people to shop from their app. Through Snapchat’s shoppable AR, users can now browse products, watch movies trailers, and download apps, while sharing content.  

Eight tips for advertising successfully on Reddit
Reddit has proven to be a popular platform for consumers and is now warming up to marketers. Read for tips on reaching your audience on this platform!


Amazon Is Testing Video Ads in Mobile Search Results
Amazon is spicing up its advertising by feeding its mobile users video ads to see how they respond. However, small companies are at a budget disadvantage.

We shopped at Whole Foods and Walmart to see which curbside pickup service is better — and the winner is clear
Whole Foods recently launched its curbside pickup to compete with other big grocers. Is it competition worthy, or are they biting off more than they can chew?


NatchCom did a Podcast - Check it out!
Our friend Dan Lohman invited us to speak on his podcast, Brand Secrets & Strategies. We had a blast. Learn more about NatchCom and how we aim to help natural product companies grow their businesses!

Whole Foods’ Walter Robb Is Taking On Food Waste
Leaders in the food world aren’t just making better-for-you products, they’re also making products that are better for the environment. Using science and technology, companies are creating innovative solutions to help end food waste.

Poll: 84% of consumers never buy groceries online
Many of our conversations center around the rise of eCommerce, but we still have a long way to go. It’s important to stay ahead of the game, or checkout line, rather. So how do we get more consumers shopping online?


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