#HackNatural: How Soapbox Uses Digital to Drive Growth, Email Marketing & The Evolution of Grocery

by NatchCom AdminSep 03, 2019
#HackNatural: How Soapbox Uses Digital to Drive Growth, Email Marketing & The Evolution of Grocery

We launched NatchBytes: Q&As with natural product brands just like yours! This week we're featuring Soapbox, a company that's used a variety of digital tactics to grow their business. Also in this week's edition, stories about rising competition in e-commerce and trends you don't want to miss!

NatchBytes: How Social Media and Influencer Marketing is Fueling Soapbox's Success
Soap matters. Learn how Soapbox founder, David Simnick, is bettering the world with his natural products and business model, and how digital is helping drive the company's success.


Amazon’s Ripple Effect on Grocery Industry: Rivals Stock Up on Start-Ups
Amazon knows that convenience is key to winning over consumers. Their moves continue to influence grocery retailers to partner with delivery companies and shift to tech-driven business plans to stay in the game.

Amazon Go's first competitor set to go live next month
Amazon Go has been working on cashier-less technology to quicken the check-out process, but they’re not the only company pushing out this technology.


Study: Contrary To Popular Belief, Email Is Alive And Well
In an age of texting and social media direct message's, email continues to thrive. Just sending emails is not enough though, content is key. The good news is there are enough resources to produce content consumers are craving.

Here’s What Consumers Hate Most About Your Emails
Although consumers think of email as a great platform for communication with brands, they don’t want to be bombarded with barely ripe emails. They think many brands get email marketing wrong, and are annoyed with excessive, vanilla emails.


Shipt continues aggressive expansion into new markets
Shipt is bringing home the bacon (right to your home)! Consumers are increasingly discovering the wonders of grocery delivery. With that comes great opportunities for grocery delivery companies.

New products catering to back-to-school shoppers flood the market
From organic yogurt packs to allergy-friendly nut bars, snacks for kiddos are shifting to delicious AND nutritious. Going back to school is not an excuse to ditch health, and brands are hopping on this trend.

How consumer interest in healthy food is prompting an evolution in grocery retail
Better-for-you foods and e-commerce are two trends that we are well aware of. Grocers are making the swap to healthier foods to meet consumer demands as we continue to see the rise in popularity.


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