#HackNatural: Lessons from Hershey, Brick and Mortar Changes & SEO Rankings

by NatchCom AdminSep 03, 2019
#HackNatural: Lessons from Hershey, Brick and Mortar Changes & SEO Rankings

Amazon has a leg-up on its competition, but businesses aren't giving up... in fact they are thriving. Brick and Mortar stores are changing their models and experiencing in-store success. However, e-commerce is still the dominant trend and Hershey has positioned itself as a leader. 


Rising 'Near Me' Searches Show Why Grocers Must Improve Their Search Engine Rankings
Convenience is a priority for consumers and this includes proximity. Mobile phone users are typing the keywords “near me” in their searches more than ever. It’s important for your brand to rank highly to attract audiences near you.

5 ways to avoid duplicate content and indexing issues on your e-commerce site - Search Engine Land
Our products are natural and organic, so our searches should be too. SEO is important for all businesses, especially small ones that can’t always afford paid search. Read these tips to make sure you avoid crawling complications on your site.


1 Key Metric Shows Walmart Is Catching up With Amazon
Walmart’s online sales are rising like yeast and slowly closing the gap between them and Amazon. With the addition of hundreds of merchants each month, its product selection is growing and giving Amazon a run for its consumers.

Hard Lessons (Thanks, Amazon) Breathe New Life Into Retail Stores
Amazon is shifting the shopping world, but that doesn’t mean consumers are all making the switch to online. The Amazon model is showing retailers how consumer behavior is changing… and in-store experiences are more important than ever.

For some small sellers, Amazon loses its luster - Digiday
Amazon is putting its small retailers in a pickle. These retailers are fed up with policy changes and looking to other marketplaces to sell their products. So... what’s your next move?

Amazon's Under-The-Radar Advertising Strategy To Control 5% Of Global Retail
Amazon’s advertising business is keeping its sales up and its competition out of reach. Through on-site and in-house advertising, it continues to have a leg up on competitors.


Predicting the Transformation of Brick and Mortar Stores
The rise of online sales isn’t a defeat of Brick and Mortar stores, it’s just a change in tactics. Consumers are placing a high value on the in-store experience and those with innovative technology will keep consumers shopping both in-store and online.  

4 tips from CPG executives on the future of brands
Competition is high for CPG with so many products in stores and online, but rising to the top of the food chain doesn’t have to be difficult... if you have the right strategies. Your products are unique, but it’s your job to prove it.

Hershey’s Game Plan for Winning in E-Commerce
As Hershey expanded its product selection, it also clicked into the digital world. This past year, the company has been working to become a leader in e-commerce. Read this article for important lessons Hershey learned during its transition.


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