#HackNatural: One year after Amazon's acquistion of Whole Foods

by NatchCom AdminSep 03, 2019
#HackNatural: One year after Amazon

A year ago this week, Whole Foods announced it was selling to Amazon. Aftershocks are still being felt throughout the natural products industry. This week's edition focuses on all-things Amazon. If you're looking for updates on other channels, our social feeds have you covered!

A Year After Amazon Devoured Whole Foods, Rivals are Pursuing Countermoves
Food retailers, manufacturers and others have begun to make fundamental changes to their selling strategies, stepping up their e-commerce and technology investments.

Amazon Whole Foods – One Year On
Whole Foods foot traffic is up 3% YOY since Amazon acquired the company. This report summarizes some of the changes we've seen over the past 12 months and questions whether frictionless shopping is really what we want.

Grocery retailers trying to keep up with Amazon and Whole Foods
Everybody knew that when Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year the grocery game was about to change. The question was, how much and how fast?

5 Ways Challenger Brands Can Win Against Big Brands on Amazon
With surprising ease, thousands of small private-label brands have popped up over the past five years on Amazon, successfully nibbling market share away from better-known national and global brands.

Whole Foods CEO says he's 'not afraid to get fired' over disagreements with Amazon
Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey alluded to recurring tensions between the supermarket chain and parent company Amazon during a company-wide meeting on Tuesday.



How to level the playing field on Amazon
Leverage Amazon’s Sponsored Product and Headline Search Ads to index for crucial search terms without having a high organic search ranking. 

Amazon Advertising Resources
Amazon is increasingly adding resources for agencies and brands to step up their advertising game. From getting started to advanced tactics, this site has a little something for everyone looking to dive in to Amazon advertising.

A Simple Guide to Amazon's Complicated Advertising Business
AMG, AMS, AAP, ACoS… Trying to keep track of all these Amazon advertising acronyms is enough to make anyone’s head spin. 


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