#HackNatural: Selling Direct to Consumer, Advertising on Social Media & SEO Trends

by NatchCom AdminSep 03, 2019
#HackNatural: Selling Direct to Consumer, Advertising on Social Media & SEO Trends

Make no mistake, online shopping is here to stay. This week we're reading how brands are competing with (and on) Amazon, and how paid and earned media can help. Getting your brand noticed ain't always easy, but these articles add perspective and insight on ways to grow your online business!


An Amazon Search Is Worth a Lot More Than a Google Search
Amazon is giving Google a run for its money, or clicks rather. Search advertisements are becoming more valuable on Amazon than Google, because there’s already an intent to buy when on the platform.

Walmart vs. Amazon: 4 Factors Consumers Consider When Online Grocery Shopping, According to Packaged Facts
E-Commerce is not just about getting your products online, you have to consider user experience. Read about the main factors that attract consumers to choose a digital shopping cart.

DINNER WITH ALGORITHMS: Why Brands Need A “Growth Automation” Platform to Compete on Amazon
Success in-store doesn’t guarantee success online. Even big-name brands are being beat out by smaller ones online because they aren’t keeping up with the rise of e-comm.


Facebook Ad Review: How One Ad Outperformed the Rest by 50%.
Any brand can make a pretty ad, with the right help. But your brands needs continuity. That’s how you get consumers to recognize your brand.

Will Social Media and ECommerce Ever Really Get Together 
Social media and e-commerce go together like nuts and dried fruit. But e-commerce and social media still have more to figure out (like adding the chocolate, if you will) to perfect their relationship.


Mid-Year Review: The Five SEO Trends Taking Shape In 2018
Similar to the products you sell, online searches can come organically, but not without a little work. If you want to get noticed, you must learn to keep up with the ever-changing SEO world.

Small Business SEO Checklist: 11 Ways to Improve Rankings Today
Time, money, and resources tend to be more complicated for small businesses, but all businesses want to get noticed by consumers. SEO is important for every business, and there are an abundance of tools on the world wide web these days to help you.


Kellogg Dissects New Breed of ‘Brick & Order’ Shoppers
The name of the game is “brick & order.” One reason consumers are ordering online is because they have access to more product information and don’t have the stress of shifting their shopping cart out of everyone’s way.

How Big Food drives impulse buys online
Consumers are no longer waiting in the checkout line, reaching for the nearest candy bar. However, the good news is that impulse buys are actually higher online than in store. Read how to get your products noticed, even when they’re not on the grocery list.

Going around the grocery: How brands use e-commerce to sell direct-to-consumer
From personalized products to online-only flavors, brands are coming up with unique ways to attract consumers to their sites. There are many ways to sell directly to consumers, but your company, like your products, have to be unique.


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