NatchCom expands to offer consulting, digital education to natural foods industry

Boulder-based NatchCom Inc.'s mission to help the natural foods and organic products industry to grow digitally just got bigger.

Recently, the company launched two new divisions, NatchCom Consulting and NatchCom Ed to help enterprises find their niche in digital space: To build their brands, engage with consumers and develop new products.

Andrea Daily, vice president of marketing at Goddess Garden Organics in Longmont, last year attended two networking events hosted by NatchCom, and learned about news apps to produce engaging content on social media, she said. "We used some of those tools to create social media content for our brand," said Daily, who also spoke on a panel at NatchCom's October event.

NatchCom provided insights that could be applied quickly, efficiently and cheaply in the digital space for a better understanding of consumer behavior, Daily said.

"In the wake of the tremendous response we received at our 2018 NatchCom events, the demand for additional digital services and education within the natural and organic industry couldn't be ignored," said Jennifer Krupey, CEO of NatchCom Inc.

Consulting and educating was the next logical step, she said. The aim is to help emerging brands in the natural products space be able to used digital tools to grow their businesses, Krupey said.

"We want to be a destination for the natural products industry," she said.

NatchCom also is working with venture capital and private equity holding companies to audit their digital strategies, she said.

The market size of natural foods and organic products industry is about $200 billion, and about $15 billion of that is online, the fastest growing vertical in the industry, said Jim Moscou, who in 2015 founded NatchCom as a digital platform to help leverage technology for the natural food and organic products industry.

The first step was to get tech and startups together, he said. "We tweaked the agenda as we moved along."

The underlying message remained the same: Brands can be successful by investing in a digital-first mindset, Moscou said.

Brendan Synnott, entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of Bear Naked Granola and EVOL, said, "I'm a huge believer in digital. You can build a richer brand for less money."

But not every entrepreneur is doing it, he said. Many of them look at the easy way out by going to Amazon, he said. "With Amazon you don't own your customers."

Brands, especially in the food and organic products segment, thrive when they listen to their customers, Synnott said. Social media channels allow businesses to personalize experiences and develop better products, he said. Brands successful in e-commerce potentially can have traditional retailers pounding on their doors, Synnott said.