Finally, an event that provides a hands-on, interactive experience to help professionals take their e-commerce and digital marketing game to a whole, new level. 


2/7 - 2/8, BOULDER, CO


Learn The Ways to Persuade Your Boss!

Every boss can be persuaded, you just have to speak the right language!

  • The many approaches to persuading a boss
  • NatchCom 2020 pricing
  • Handy scripts that will help you communicate with your boss
  • A template for email you can use with your boss


Two Approaches When Trying to Persuade the Boss: 


What does any good boss want? Results. Start a conversation with your boss with the goal of defining the results they seek. Ask them what their IDEAL results look like in regards to your job’s responsibilities for 2020. The answer could be to increase online sale velocity, gain a higher number of engaged users on your email list, or learn to win on Amazon. If so, you’re in the right place.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to ask them to INVEST in you. Persuade your boss to allocate their resources in outstanding results that are directly attributable to what you will learn. If they respond well, you can pitch a solution that ensures great results: Natchcom.


Great products offer higher value than their cost. A ticket to Natchcom is a $395 investment, but presenting that to your boss without the right framing could lead to unwanted push back. It’s all about selling them on the VALUE over the expense.

A ticket to Natchcom has incredible value. Both days are packed with industry knowledge that will set you up for the rest of the year and beyond. For example, if your boss wants to know if you’re digital marketing plan is optimized for success, you can speak with one of the numerous agency sponsors and partners that will review your current digital plans and provide recommendations absolutely free!

Take that $395 price and divide it by 365, so you can show your boss the daily value this event offers over a full year ($1.08 a day, just so you know). That’s less than a coffee, and this could actually generate serious revenue for your company.

If they are on board, congratulations! You’ve successfully persuaded your boss! It’s a value that pitched the right way is hard to turn down. Still need help? Check out our scripts below to get the conversation started with ease.

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Every boss is different, so we want to make sure you have the right approach. You know your boss better than we do, so below are a few conversation starting scripts to choose from!

Going forward, I know we’d both love _____________ to improve. There’s a great opportunity to invest in my skills so we can get there at Natchcom’s event this February.

This event is a great investment, with experts in their field teaching us the tricks of their success and the chance to network with industry leaders. This could be very valuable for us!

It seems like a no-brainer that learning from people who live and breathe their craft is the best way to cut our learning curve.

I don’t just want to learn what’s worked in the past. We can get 3 steps ahead of the curve by investing in this opportunity.

Why spend time guessing and potentially correcting costly mistakes when there are professionals ready to teach us what works for sure.

I want 2020 to be a huge year of growth for us, and this event is definitely a step in that direction.

Note: Make sure when deciding your approach that you keep in mind the needs and desired results of your company. Figure out the specific pain-points your boss has and align your pitch to the solutions to those aches.

Email to the boss

Places where you see words in [brackets] are for you to customize in order to better fit your specific situation.

SUBJECT LINE: [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here], This is a can’t miss opportunity for us!

Hi [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here],

I learned about an amazing opportunity I wanted to discuss with you. Natchcom 2020 promises to equip attendees with valuable industry insight that I think could help us go beyond our goals for growth.

It’s a one-and-a-half-day convention at a $395 value. Each day is a chance to learn from industry leaders and experts like [insert the name of a company/agency/person that will be applicable to your business]. That price ends up being a $1.08 daily investment for the year, which is a steal considering the information this event will provide.

If I get the chance to attend, it could help us in…

  • [Insert way you think the event could lend value to your business]
  • [Insert way you think the event could lend value to your business]
  • [Insert way you think the event could lend value to your business]

I’ve seen a ton of positive things about the speakers, and the event is sure to be a great resource for us. Plus, when I come back I’ll be able to share everything I took away from the speakers, giving all of us a huge advantage going forward.

A ticket is $395 (which includes a FREE 20-minute consultation with an agency sponsor). The event is from February 7th-8th in Boulder, CO. There’s sure to be a ton of industry professionals there too, so it’d be a great networking opportunity as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
[Insert Your Name Here]